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SAAco has started moving towards the future by performing specialized industrial services and implementing new and practical ideas in line with the company's goals.

introducing SAAco

SAAco Engineering Technical Company is an industrial complex consisting of a group of graduates of prestigious universities who started their activities in 2013 and by examining different parts of the industry, they have found solutions to solve the existing problems and put them into operation. After 3 years of activity in order to research and operationalize experiences, finally in 2016 with the establishment of a private joint stock company, SAAco has officially started its activities. SAAco Company was recognized as a knowledge-based industrial company in 2017 by entering Semnan University Science and Technology Park. SAAco have tried to use experts in various fields of engineering such as industrial engineering, mechanics, manufacturing, materials and metallurgy, power and electronics, information technology, computer and humanities specialists such as management, law and accounting; To step forward with more and more power in the direction of industrial activities based on science and technology.


SAAco is ready to provide any advice and services to the educated and entrepreneurial community of professors, engineers, students and all dear craftsmen in the field of its activities in line with its main goals, which is to build pure ideas to achieve a better future.

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